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  • ApricotGold Bio-Lift Gel
  • ApricotGold Bio-Lift Gel

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Look 10 years younger with the “face-lift” for the impatient!

Did you know that apricot oil was the beauty secret of the Chinese emperors 5000 years ago?

People knew this valuable substance as “the fountain of youth” because it had such a rejuvenating and anti-ageing effect on the skin.

The miracle effects of Apricot oil have been rediscovered, and today, it is used by those wanting to revitalise their skin to look younger. If you are unhappy with your ageing skin and wish to look younger again, then Swiss made ApricotGold Bio-Lift Gel is just what you have been looking for.

How does ApricotGold Bio-Lift Gel work?

It acts like an “intensive facelift”, targeting and stimulating dehydrated skin cells. ApricotGold Bio-Lift Gel ensures that more moisture and special nutrients reach your “flawed” skin cells. This is why you will notice a reduction of rings under your eyes and visible improvement to damaged skin. Even pronounced lines will fade away in the shortest time, giving your skin a radiant and youthful appearance again.

Is it suitable for sensitive skin too?

Yes, in fact it is excellent for sensitive skin. ApricotGold Bio-Lift Gel does not solve the problem by using chemicals, but by using biology. ApricotGold Bio-Lift Gel can be even used to protect and care for babies’ sensitive skin. And by the way - for the men out there - you probably couldn't find a better after-shave than ApricotGold Bio-Lift Gel!

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