Stepluxe Anti-fatique Compression Socks

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  • Stepluxe Anti-fatique Compression Socks
  • Stepluxe Anti-fatique Compression Socks

Massage, relieve and invigorate your feet

The amazing new compression socks that massage, relieve and strengthen your feet and legs.

Regular walking and standing creates pressure that can cause pain and swelling. Bit compression technology provides a graduated pressure that helps to improve circulation and helps to reduce water retention, swelling and pain.

It is a known fact that our feet are the control centres for our bodies. So when you have pain in your feet, it affects the rest of the body. Stepluxe Socks' "steady fit technology" creates a comfortable massaging feel for your feet, ankles and legs while providing a comfortable compression and the best relief against swelling. It can be compared to getting a foot massage with every step you take.

Benefits of the Stepluxe Anti-fatigue Compression Socks are:

  • Compression Socks for fatigue symptoms
  • Massages, soothes and strengthens your feet and legs
  • Fits comfortably in all kinds of shoes and provides support
  • Use every day, everywhere
  • Active massaging and relaxing stimulation
  • Maintains constant compression
  • Recommended for long trips, dynamic and static work and housework

Order your Stepluxe Anti-fatigue Compression Socks today for Only R229.90 per pair.

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